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New Goals In The New Year

I'm a December baby, so every year I celebrate with a new goal list and a brilliant set of intentions. When my birthday came around in 2019, I had just celebrated my talk show's official broadcast in 100 US cities. I was ready for change and decided I would start my career in public speaking. As you can assume, I'm no stranger to the microphone and crowds. In my hometown Chicago, I've hosted countless events - fashion shows, music performances, comedy shows, etc. However, I am really looking forward to panels, keynotes and featured speaking opportunities. Within weeks of writing my goals out, I was tagged in post from a women's empowerment group looking for a moderator for an upcoming event. A special thanks goes to Arsineh Alenkin, the admin of the GigsLA Facebook group and to Alina Fridman of Ladies Take The Lead for gracing me with the opportunity to moderate two incredible panels of brilliant and successful women in business. The best has yet to come and I'm excited.


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