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The Secret Sauce To Amazing Self-Care

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Life is busy. I get it. I've had plenty of days burning the candle on both ends. Nowadays, I'm an expert at self-care and know exactly when I need a recharge. However, self-care is more than manicures and massages. Self-care shouldn't be a reward for hard work and grueling days. Self-care should be a lifestyle, anthem and a requirement in our lives. Here's the Secret Sauce To Amazing Self-Care.

1. Focus On More ‘Me Time’

Yes to more me time, for sure. Whether it's a quiet, warm bath or a writing in a journal, we all can benefit from me time.

2. Check Your Thoughts And Forgive Them

Sometimes when life throws us lemons it's hard not to become negative. Forgive those thoughts right away.

3. Unplug And Get More Sleep

Can you honestly say you say you get enough rest? Too many of us can agree getting more rest at night can feel like a luxury. Make it a point to unplug and get more sleep at night.

4. Nourish Your Body And Eat Healthy

It takes a lot of will power to curb the drive-through and choose healthy food options instead. Your mind, body and spirit will thank you for the fruits, veggies and lean meats.

5. Prioritize Your Life And Schedule Leisure

I know how easy it is to schedule all things work and business. Let's all agree to make personal time for the people and activities in our lives to be a priority.

6. Say No More Often

If we said yes to every demand, favor and need we would never have time for self-care. It's perfectly okay to say no more often and put our own needs at the forefront.

7. Ask For Help And Accountability

You know how you like things to go so asking for help or accountability may not be your first order of business. Take a load off and allow someone to be there for you sometimes.

8. Find A Brand New Hobby

There's so much to learn in a lifetime - how to play an instrument, learn to dance, new career and much more.


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