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Dive into the heart of captivating stories and transformative conversations on The Chundria Show, led by the charismatic Chundria Brownlow. Tune into your local TV and be part of a world where entertainment, love and relationships, lifestyle, and empowerment come alive through engaging discussions. With Chundria at the helm, every episode is an exploration into the lives of influential figures, giving you a unique perspective on the narratives that shape our world. Don't let this opportunity slip by to join an audience that cherishes deep insights and the stories that lie beyond the fame. Watch The Chundria Show on local television for an enriching experience that connects, educates, and entertains.

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Chicago, IL


Ch. 19 (Cable)

Watch Live:

Dartmouth, MA

Dartmouth Community Media

Ch. 95

Ep. 206: Tue. 5/7/24 - 10:30AM/EST

Ep. 206: Sat. 5/11/24 - 4:00PM/EST

Ep. 206: Mon. 5/13/24 - 10:30AM/EST

Watch Live:

Dayton, OH
Riverside, OH
Butler Twp., OH


Ch. 5 (Spectrum)

Ep. 609: Tues. 4/30/24 - 6:30PM/EST

Watch Live:

San Diego CA

City TV

Ch. 24 (Cable)

Ep. 610: Wed. 6.12.24 - 10:30AM/PST

Ep. 610: Thursday 6.13.24 - 3:30PM/PST

EP. 610: 6.14.24 - 6:00PM/PST

Watch Live: 

Long Beach, CA


Ch. 32 (Spectrum) 

Ch. 41 (Frontier Comms)

Ep. 311: Sat. 10.7.23 - 6:00PM/PST

Watch Live: 

New York, NY

Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN)

Ch. 34 (Fios) Ch. 83 (RCN) Ch. 56 (Spectrum)

Ep. 610: Sat. 5.11.24 - 4:00PM/EST

Watch Live:

Swansea, MA

Swansea Community Network

Ch. 98

Ep. 609: Mon. 5.6.24 - 8:00AM/EST

Watch Live:

Dayton, OH

Ch. 5 (Spectrum)

Ep. 609: Sat. 9.23.23 - 6:00PM/EST

Watch Live:

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