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Half-hour TV Talk Show discussing entertainment news, love & relationships,

health & wellness, business, lifestyle, and empowerment topics; hosted by Chundria Brownlow.

Show Manifesto

In the whirlwind of life's everyday hustle, we're all in for the ride—embracing every moment, from the joy of brunches with friends to the intimacy of date nights, the rejuvenation found in self-care rituals, and the adventures of family vacations. It's a mosaic of experiences, from navigating the complexities of financial health with credit scores and investments to the festive spirit of holiday parties, the discovery of new recipes, and the pursuit of passions through careers and entrepreneurial ventures. Amidst this bustling agenda, we still make time to indulge in the world of entertainment, catching up on the latest films and binge-watching our favorite TV series.

The Chundria Show taps into this vibrant tapestry of life, offering a platform where captivating discussions unfold. Covering a broad spectrum of topics—from the enchanting realms of love and relationships, through the pragmatic landscapes of business, to the uplifting avenues of empowerment—this show is your rendezvous with life's multifaceted journey. Each episode is an invitation to explore, understand, and celebrate the essence of living our best lives, with no room for compromise.

Celebrity Interviews

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