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Last-Minute Holiday Gift-Guide

Whether life has kept you busy this holiday season or your gift list continues to grow, here is a last-minute gift guide for fresh, new ideas. May this gift guide inspire your shopping experience to get to the perfect holiday gift much faster.

Your friends and family can create a delicious cocktail or mocktail in just minutes at Cocktail Bomb Shop. Think like bath bombs, but for your drink. Cocktail bombs fizz when dropped in sparkling water. A variety of flavors are included in the company's holiday variety pack, including Santa's Secret Cocktail, Frosted Cranberry, Holiday Mule, and more. Get your loved ones some color-changing hot chocolate this holiday season. Order online at

Instead of hair masks, mental health breaks, and relaxing spa days, give your loved ones the gift of pampering foot care with The Original Foot Peel. The product will leave your loved ones with smooth, soft feet in an hour. Baby Foot has 16 natural extracts and oils for a luxury at-home spa experience. Adding alicyclic acid effectively exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, softening your feet and reducing peeling over the preceding weeks. Order online at

Fill stocking stuffers with Judy - A Garland Fragrance by Vincenzo Spinnato. Like Judy herself, this fragrance embraces everyone with its all-inclusive, delicate gender-neutral fragrance. In honor of the legendary entertainer and actress Judy Garland, the fragrance was developed by her surviving children, Lorna Luft, Joey Luft, and Liza Minnelli, and is designed by TurnKey Beauty Inc.'s President/CEO Vincenzo Spinnato, a Certified Nose and Cosmetic Chemist. Learn more online at

Beverages make a great gift. This premium cocktail alternative by NOPE Beverages has zero alcohol, four different flavors, and a $20 price tag. It's an intriguing alternative that makes your zero-proof experience more enjoyable with essential ingredients that make you smile the whole time. Learn more online at

Legendary actor John King teaches kids about the electoral college with the Election Night game, and your friends and family with children can join in on the learning experience. In this board game, unlike any other, players learn American geography, sharpen their political understanding, and compete for electoral votes.

Featuring bright colors and cute monsters, Blobby's Pizza is the perfect after-school game for kids! This game doubles as studying! The strategic pizza-eating contest teaches fractions, decimals, and percentages. Learn more online at:

Kids will enjoy the Full of Bull

dice bluffing and mental math game that helps

kids to strengthen their analytical skills, social & emotional intelligence, and algebraic thinking! Learn more online at:

The super-soft Moxie Scrubs brand makes a great stocking stuffer as it disrupts the medical apparel market with its first direct-to-consumer product. Each Moxie apparel design is named after an inspiring nurse and boasts an affordable price point, a fashionable/sleek style, and a patent-pending comfort waistband! Learn more online at

IN TUNE, Music as the Bridge to Mindfulness is a great gift idea for the lover of music in your life.

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